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Multiculturalism and milenar tradition

Vancouver is a city that welcomes foreigners with open arms. Multiculturalism is “the spirit of the city” and has given Vancouver a distinct personality. This diversity has reached individuals that live in town and visitors in many ways, but food is something I’d like to tackle in this post. People have moved to the city [...]

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Illegal immigration … best to avoid!

Many people dream to immigrate seeking a better life. This is a normal desire indeed abnormal to me it's not to try something better :) But anyway, I know a lot of people with this desire in the heart but not everyone can, because legal immigration is a high investment. Many people immigrate to other countries illegally. There [...]

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EUA or Canadá?

Today I was talking with a virtual friend on Facebook and she commented to me that had discouraged to go to Canada and was planning to go to the US. At first she said it was because of the cold but then she shared with me the concern with the high cost of going to Canada [...]

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Dealing with lions

Drinking coffee is a tradition globally widespread and able to bring people together in different occasions and places. Vancouver is a city that welcomes individuals from all over the globe, whether tourists, immigrants, or international students. Getting together to enjoy a “sip of coffee”, to get to know new friends or to discuss business has [...]

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Tips from an immigrant

The decision to leave Brazil temporarily or definitely is not always easy. The financial and emotional investment is huge and even when we are sure about our decision we have second thoughts. I have immigrated twice: first to the US when I was still young, only 23, and the second to Canada when I was already a little [...]

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Vancouver Must-See Attractions!

Hello! As you may know Vancouver is consistently ranked as one of the cities with more quality of life in the world. If you are visiting Vancouver for the first time I will recommend some attractions to make your visit even more memorable (in addition to discover why we love to live here): • Flyover Canada It [...]

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Vancouverites (Yes, this is how people who live in Vancouver city are called) are healthy nuts in their majority. Smoothies and green juices, salad rolls and Collard Green Wrap are foods that you can easily find when you walk in “healthy” stores in town. I’ve never seen so many options to go for when you’re [...]

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The first piece of the cake!!!

Hello! My name is Janaina Mallagoli and I'm honored to make my first post, affectionately called the first piece of the cake for you guys here at Go North Blog! Do you want to come to live in Canada? So follow my path that will make you stay in love with this piece of diversified! Well, [...]

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Update to the study permit instructions related to prerequisite programs

You may have heard that the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) announced some changes in the rules of study as they are related to the pathway, a program in which a person studying English or French before starting a college or university. Before these changes the student applied the visa with a letter of conditional [...]

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Our neighbour is Polish. He hardly speaks only arises suddenly shakes his head in a kind of fulfillment, and follows its course. The other neighbour is Chinese, she pulls a plaid bag with wheels where you store things. The French liquidator, which has heavy accent, said he is a hoarder - accumulative professional stuff! Too [...]

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