Multiculturalism and milenar tradition

Vancouver is a city that welcomes foreigners with open arms. Multiculturalism is “the spirit of the city” and has given Vancouver a distinct personality. This diversity has reached individuals that live in town and visitors in many ways, but food is something I’d like to tackle in this post. People have moved to the city [...]

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Dealing with lions

Drinking coffee is a tradition globally widespread and able to bring people together in different occasions and places. Vancouver is a city that welcomes individuals from all over the globe, whether tourists, immigrants, or international students. Getting together to enjoy a “sip of coffee”, to get to know new friends or to discuss business has [...]

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Vancouverites (Yes, this is how people who live in Vancouver city are called) are healthy nuts in their majority. Smoothies and green juices, salad rolls and Collard Green Wrap are foods that you can easily find when you walk in “healthy” stores in town. I’ve never seen so many options to go for when you’re [...]

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It is with great enthusiasm that I write this first article for the site GoNorth after all, what could be more pleasurable than share ideas, experiences and knowledge to inspire each other? To start my "story", I would like to say something very important: our dreams. What would be our life without dreams? Dreams give [...]

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