You may have heard that the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) announced some changes in the rules of study as they are related to the pathway, a program in which a person studying English or French before starting a college or university.

Before these changes the student applied the visa with a letter of conditional acceptance to a college or university stating so the person concluded the course in English or French could enroll in a subsequent program and the person received a visa for the duration of the two programs .

The big change now is that the student will receive two visas, one initial visa to meet the prerequisite before the main program and once completed will receive another visa with work rights are acquired by those who are in college or university.

The aim of the CIC is to prevent the student does not complete the CUSO English or French successfully but continue with the valid study permit and work.

Who will be affected by these changes:
• Families who need to work to stay when they arrive in Canada.
Under the new rules the families will have to wait for the beginning of the college or university to get a work permit.
• Families with school-age children that need to be enrolled in public schools.
The right to enroll children in Canadian public schools is only acquired when the student is enrolled in a college or public university, announced the new rules, this will only happen after the level of English or French is reached.

It is important to consider that these changes are valid to prevent fraud and will not affect those who really intends to improve English or French to actually attend a college and university here.

However, due to the high cost of living in some cities like Vancouver, these changes will be certainly a barrier to families who do not have conditions to keep the first months without working.
But do not be discouraged, obstacles appear to make our most special achievements 🙂