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Makeup Fashion & Film design

12 months of study + 12 months of work

*During the study period the student can work part-time (20 hours / week)


In the Makeup Fashion & Film Design program students explore the comprehensive world of makeup design. The program begins with an introduction to the stage and scenery, then the transition to special effects out of the kit, including aging with latex realistic mask bald, various types of injuries and more on special effects, entering the Prosthetic module and introducing the basics of members (body, characters and monsters) made sculptures, gelatine and silicone, foam prosthesis application and casting teeth and other detailed prostheses. The program ends with the total experience in the set.

  • Color composition, procedures and applications
  • Basic hairstyle and design
  • Wedding industry principles
  • Professional airbrush techniques
  • Professional fashion makeup
  • Introduction to the stage and scenery
  • Special effects

Film Acting1

48 weeks of study + 48 weeks of work

*During the study period the student can work part-time (20 hours / week)


The Film Acting 1 offers a challenging year with a lot of self-discovery practice in theater and short and long productions beyond the actor training. In this course students learn about text analysis, scene study, voice lessons, such as “break” the scripts and execute scene by scene. The student also has a specific preparation to work in the exciting world of the film industry and the TV with a lot of skill and self-confidence.

  • Dramatics
  • Movie
  • Text analysis and scene study
  • Voice class
  • And much more!


11 months of study + 11 months of work

*During the study period the student can work part-time (20 hours / week)


The Technical Diploma Spa encompasses all aspects of skin care, body care and nails. The course is given in a spa environment that allows students to learn in practice and develop the confidence to work with customers.

  • Healing body art module
  • Correct massage techniques and perfect posture
  • Use increase lamps, hydradermie machine, steam and high frequency machines, including applications anaphoresis and cataphoresis
  • Manicures and pedicures
  • And much more!

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