It was one of those frozen days of January and the landscape was completely covered by new snow. The cold wind made my eyes water. I held firmer hand of my father while we waited our ride to get in front of the Frankfurt airport, Germany. The day before, he, my mother, my sister and I had left the state capital, with its sweltering heat and a sunset sunsets breathtaking. With ten years of age I still did not realize how far it was South America and Europe which meant that change. But it was so, means not knowing and perhaps even unintentionally, that my world travels began. We lived the next almost six years in Germany without Google or Skype, but with many letters full news that used to take ten days to arrive. If there was any emergency, we received a short phone call. The rest of the time, we were so completely embedded in German culture, that when later returned to Brazil, the shock was almost as big as we had to get to Germany. But the days pass and we adapt. A few years later, after having made some short trips of a few months to the United States, I was ready for the next long trip. This time my companion was my future husband. We arrived to Australia confident, thinking that virariamos in a good. Sorry it took many days to wrap the stomach, the longing tears invade the eyes and begin to ask ourselves about what we were doing there. better jobs were difficult to find because our student visa only allowed 20 hours a week, food and rents were expensive, and we were alone on the other side of the world. But, as I said, the days pass and we adapt. Initially topávamos those jobs that we would never think to accept in Brazil as bar tender and newspaper delivery. It is amazing how these experiences in destabilizes, make us review values and concepts, change us and make grow. We never returned them. While they develop humility, make us see the world differently, lead us to value people and look beyond appearances. After a while we managed to work at an amusement park in the area of service to the public, and later received a job offer within the park office, however, it had been a year and decided to return because it would be very difficult to get a visa allow us to work freely, without having to study at the same time or get stuck in one company for years. After a few months in Brazil, because of the concern that was in the soul, we send our resident visa to Canada. It’s funny, but after living outside time, it seems that we do not feel more at home anywhere while we feel at home everywhere. We found a university in Visual Effects for Film that my husband wanted to do in Vancouver. We arrived here in early July 2009, the sun was high and the city vibrated to the summer heat. We take the days before starting classes to know every corner of the region. While we were walking and I thought about what to do in life, I opted for a specialization in Digital Design. Seven years later, we are still here. My husband now works in a Visual Effects studio, and I chose to take care of our son with now two years and some work from home. We are the next baby wait for next month. Our Canadian experiences in these seven years can be read here in the next posts.

Magui Bec
Magui BecPsychologist, designer and photographer
Magui has a BA in Psychology and Social Communication, specializing in Digital Design, wife and mother, he turned photographer when his first child was born, like to read, drink coffee and listen to the stories of the people he meets.