Today I was talking with a virtual friend on Facebook and she commented to me that had discouraged to go to Canada and was planning to go to the US. At first she said it was because of the cold but then she shared with me the concern with the high cost of going to Canada as a student.

I agree fully to come to Canada as an international student is a very high investment and it should be well planned, but it is no different from the US.

Some time ago I had this same conversation with a couple of very dear friends who were willing to leave Brazil. At first they floated Canada but then decided to go to Orlando as English learners to try to stay there. One of the arguments was that the English course in Orlando would cost $ 500 per month. Guys, I spent all my “Portuguese” trying to convince them to think better, because I know from experience that things do not work like that.

When you plan to leave Brazil to live in another country you have to research their real chances of getting the residence where you want to live. An English school of $ 500 per month in Orlando or in any region of North America will not give you permission to work and no chance of immigration. You will have the right to live in the US by the time you are studying English, but nothing more. And stay in a country spending in dollars and unable to work can legally be an expensive adventure.

Yes, it is true that many people work without proper documentation, but it is getting increasingly difficult. Obama in his eight years of government tried to pass laws that legalize or allow illegal immigrants to get some kind of work permit, but was unsuccessful. And with the growth of Trump in the polls for the presidency race show that life for the immigrant undocumented in the US can be very complicated in the coming years.

Do not think that I do not like the US, on the contrary, it is a country that I have immense admiration, but that unfortunately does not have a fair and consistent immigration system. Go to the US might be easy, but staying there legally is that is the question. So is the old story of “cheap which is expensive.” You save to get there, but then will spend “loads of money” chasing dreamed green card.

I have listed for you the main differences between the US and Canada in my view:

1- Climate

The US has the California and Florida to attract Brazilians fleeing the cold and Canada only has Vancouver. And taking Vancouver the rest of Canada has very cold winters !!!

2 Cost of living

The two countries have more expensive and more regions into account, but do not forget that the US dollar is worth more and therefore can be more expensive to study in the US.

3 Responsiveness

Canada certainly shadow gets better immigrant than the US. There are good and bad people people in both countries, but respect for immigrants in general is much higher in Canada.

4- Education

Canadian public schools are better than American and the education of people is amazing!

5- Health System

The Canadian health system is public and accessible to all while in the US is private. Living in the US without health insurance is to live by faith, because a trip to the hospital can cost you a fortune.

6 Jobs

The American side pays better than the Canadian side, but here in Canada you have better chances of employment.

7- Immigration

USA – If you’re rich (a) and have $ 500,000 to give you have chances of getting a green card, otherwise to get the document in a quick way you have the following options:

marry a citizen
get a sponsor to apply your work visa and stay linked to this employer for years to get a green card
for other options consult an immigration lawyer
Canada – Canada has hindered the immigration process in recent years, but still remains one of the most viable and affordable systems in the world.

Permanent residence can be acquired in many ways, being the easiest through a job offer. Access the government website for more information or to prefirirem GoNorth can give the contact a licensed consultant here in Canada,

Just to give you an idea, if a person comes as caregiver (nanny or caregiver of disabled or elderly) after only two years in Canada he / she qualifies for permanent residence.

I, as an immigrant I am, perfectly understand the fears, doubts and anxieties of those who want to leave Brazil. I know it’s not easy and immigration is not for everyone, but I have seen many families achieve their objectives with great vigor and determination.

I take and I leave here the GoNorth YouTube channel to the affidavit people like me and you who came to build their lives in Canada.

Until the next post!

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