Many people dream to immigrate seeking a better life. This is a normal desire indeed abnormal to me it’s not to try something better 🙂 But anyway, I know a lot of people with this desire in the heart but not everyone can, because legal immigration is a high investment.
Many people immigrate to other countries illegally. There are thousands of illegal people in Europe, Australia, Canada, United States and believe me, even in the Middle East.
The truth is that some countries, like the United States for example, “tolerate” the illegality more than others making people think it’s easy.
Because of human rights issues and a failed immigration policy, Americans allow undocumented people to enroll their children in school, to open a bank account, be treated in hospitals, to open business, in short, who have a relatively normal life despite the constant fear of deportation.
Here in Canada is different. Canadian immigration policy is not perfect, but it is accessible. Simple people can immigrate legally. It’s not easy, is not for everyone, but it is possible, so Canada does not accept illegality as Americans.
A person without documents here, especially in British Columbia, can not have access to the health system, does not take driver’s license or ID, you can not enroll their children in school and runs a serious risk of falling in the hands of malicious employers.
Not to mention that the Canadian immigration may even hold children in jail. Of course it does not hold in ordinary prisons, but holds.
But then as a person with no financial conditions can immigrate to Canada legally?
The answer lies with the Filipinos. Every year hundreds of them come here to work and gradually will bring family, friends and neighbors.
As they learn English from an early age they are the most popular foreigners to fill vacancies for jobs that Canadians and residents do not want. For example, many of them arrive here in a program called “Caregiver”. They enter Canada as babysitters and caregivers of elderly or people with a disability and after two years they can ask for residence and are free to pursue other jobs and opportunities.
Yesterday I was at a birthday party of a classmate of my daughter and was talking to one of the mothers about the nanny she hired for the three children and she shared with me her concern to find another nanny of the same level when the her nanny completes the two years program requirement. She said that the babysitter she has now used to be a teacher in the Philippines. She is a highly trained person and besides taking care of her children, she helps with the house and with the homework.
People, the nanny is a teacher !!! And do not think you that it is wrong to work as a nanny because, in fact, it is acting with determination to achieve their greatest goal, which is to become resident and then Canadian citizen.
Right now, with this selection that GoNorth doing to recruit hairdressers, I have seen the difficulty to find professionals who speak English at least one intermediary. Brazilians do not speak English and it is a problem for those who want to leave Brazil.
Want to immigrate and have no money ??? Start studying English. Once you have the English seek professions in demand list in Canada and apply for a job. It is possible and is available !!! But without English is very difficult.
Canada is a huge country and it needs many immigrants, not only super skilled but less qualifying too. Every year more than 200,000 immigrants arrive here and the government is talking of increasing that number, so one of these places can be yours.
Learn English !!!
Until the next post 🙂

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