It is with great enthusiasm that I write this first article for the site GoNorth after all, what could be more pleasurable than share ideas, experiences and knowledge to inspire each other?

To start my “story”, I would like to say something very important: our dreams. What would be our life without dreams? Dreams give us inspiration, motivation, and strength we pursue our goals in life. Sometimes some people do not understand that dreams are small seeds planted by the Creator in our hearts, urging us to live a story through wise choices, whether right or even wrong. Mis-wise? Why not? The error is part of nature, being able to teach and reveal the path to the success. Against the setting is the fear that prevents us often live a story.

As a child, a seed was sown in my heart, the inexplicable cravings English language, full of curiosity about the diversity of colors, cultures and nations. At 9 years old, I immersed myself in the world of penpal (an international mail center where you and other people around the world exchanged contacts to match), and looks to the Internet or there was (laughs) in those days. The experience of meeting me and create new friendships with people around the world initiated the realization of my dreams.

Years later, in this life rich in successes and failures, disappointments and joys, came to know the love of my life. Coincidences aside, was in his heart like seed planted, the desire to know and explore the world. How could it be different, we got married and we had the opportunity to morarmos in Germany. Some time later, new surprises in life gave wings to our dreams, and apply for immigration to Canada. At the time, though I was very accomplished in studying nutrition in São Paulo, the opportunity before my feet touched stronger in my heart and took off. I confess to leave the course, the professional circle, friends and family was difficult. Still, to believe that we would reach the new destination prompted us to live our dream. It was the courage that carried me to pack and cross the continent in search of the unknown. And there were we landed.

How could it be otherwise, we face some losses, however many good-new achievements. New friends who have become family, which welcomed us with love and affection, a beautiful story being written.

At the time, though in love with the English language, and already having experience in international exchange in the UK lacked a refinement in the language to be improved so that I could in the future to continue in higher education. The fact of becoming a permanent resident favored us far as the Canadian government subsidized my studies. While studying English and preparing to bigger steps, I had the opportunity to study professional makeup for brides and walkways in one of the most reputable schools in Vancouver, called Blanche Macdonald. It was there where I realized my dream “girl.” Day after day, living with Canadians took my fluency to a higher level, I say this because despite being studying academic English, lived with the world immigrants, who carried an accent often confused and I confess, annoying. The course makeup was for me a refuge, an English school at the same time. After completing the course makeup, did some customers still recommend me to others, and gave a push to more for me to move on. In the same period, I completed my journey studying academic English, and so was ready to fight for my true love and vocation, nutrition. I confess that was another difficult step, to choose the field of nutrition, because in Canada Nutrition has a huge branch … Well, to make the story short, I decided to opt for Orthomolecular Nutrition, since it takes into account many aspects beyond a simple ” diet office drawer. ” I’ve always been partisan of biological individuality, that is, you are not equal to another individual, and does not deserve a “already prescribed” diet. So, I usually take into account many other aspects particular to the individual before prescribing a ‘diet’.

I hope you have known a little bit of me after reading this introduction. I see here an opportunity to enrich your life and my experiences with. Just be receptive to the next text, which will discuss nutrition and beauty in a more natural and holistic perspective.

A big kiss, and I hope you here again to share more dreams J.

Bianca Mollica

Bianca Salles
Bianca SallesOrthomolecular nutritionist
Bianca Salles is orthomolecular nutritionist and resides in Vancouver for over four years.