My name is Janaina Mallagoli and I’m honored to make my first post, affectionately called the first piece of the cake for you guys here at Go North Blog!

Do you want to come to live in Canada? So follow my path that will make you stay in love with this piece of diversified!

Well, call me Jana, I’ve spent 30 years (impolite, but I decided to write the truth … lol), and I can say that unlike most working with food or gastronomy, in July 2014 I decided to challenge myself and I moved to Vancouver, initially for only 6 months to learn English. But the passion for the city was so strong that I left a lifetime career with a Supervisor of Marketing and CRM to start right here in this country supposedly so cold!

In 2015 I had the great opportunity to work for 6 months as “Chef” in a restaurant in Vancouver, realizing the dream of learning the dynamics of industrial kitchen and winning this intense experience for life! Soon after I worked in the famous store “Cupcakes” where the owners of the brand, Heather and Lori, have a “reality show” in North America. At the same time I started my www.canadagourmet.ca project where I show a little more about the food we found here, and the famous – and true! – History of the dish of rice, beans and steak, brigadeiro, and guarana are typically Brazilian and rare outside the country!

Meanwhile, as the only way to stay legally working in Canada is to study, hitched in Marketing course it was the cheapest option and that could complement my last 12 years of experience in the field I had while in Brazil and that would be my Plan B. I graduated, and I had the opportunity to work in the marketing of a college in Vancouver, where I am building my career and developing this new area of “Social Media”.

Now in 2016 the best part is that every time I go to the kitchen is to do some delights for me and my husband … and sometimes for friends coming home for dinner!

You want to know if love cooking? Yes of course! You want to know if I enjoyed the experience of working in an industrial kitchen? Yes of course! You want to know if I continue working in this area? No! It was certainly one of the best experiences I have had to “start over” my life here in Canada, but my heart beats for routine of crazy things Marketing and Events and also by experiments in the home kitchen, leaving full of crockery sink to wash then. The food has that power to mess with our taste, feelings and make you happy!

Until Friday coming!


Jana Mallagoli.

Janaina Mallagoli
Janaina MallagoliDesigner e Marketing
Janaina is designer and marketing at New Image and is the creator of the site www.canadagourmet.ca. She loves to cook and lives in Vancouver.