The decision to leave Brazil temporarily or definitely is not always easy. The financial and emotional investment is huge and even when we are sure about our decision we have second thoughts.

I have immigrated twice: first to the US when I was still young, only 23, and the second to Canada when I was already a little more mature.

And I can say that the two experiences were fantastic! full of challenges and achievements. But both one and the other gave me a certainty: Brazil is and always will be the country that I was born, but it’s not my home. Definitely not the place where I want to live and raise my daughter.

For those who are thinking of coming I have some advice:

1- If your goal is to build a new life in another country invest without fear.

The first few months, and even years, are not easy, at least for me were not. But it is a time of learning and building your base. Time to improve your English, making friends, trying new careers and take risks. Time you must to have your foot on the floor and not to despair with the amount of money that goes out and the little that comes in. It’s not easy! but nobody reap without planting!

2- Make friends

There are few people who arrive in another country with a friend or family waiting. The vast majority come as I came only with bags in their hands without knowing what was north and south.

The friends you probably do will become an extension of your family. They are supposed to help you in difficult times, that will be with you on holidays, birthdays and weekends. Do not try to live alone because it is difficult and you are not an island. The distance from friends and family that you left in Brazil can take you to a deep sadness and even depression.

3 Be Humble

Arrive in another country is to start almost from scratch. You probably have to take three steps back and then move on. But do not let it shake! take a good as an opportunity that life is giving you to redo your story.

The Brazilian general is a creative people and who knows grab opportunities when they arise. Even if at first you feel discouraged by the difficulties remember that you are already a successful or victorious because we arrived to live in a place that many dream of and can not get.

See you in the next post!

Renata Prates
Renata Prates Advertising specialist, designer and blogger writer
Renata has a BA in Communications, specializing in Digital Design, blogging for fun, wife and mother.