As you may know Vancouver is consistently ranked as one of the cities with more quality of life in the world. If you are visiting Vancouver for the first time I will recommend some attractions to make your visit even more memorable (in addition to discover why we love to live here):
• Flyover Canada
It is a 25-minute experience, including walking 10 minutes a flight simulator! This virtual flying tour in Canada is breathtaking in a 360-degree screen. The seats have movement and special effects including wind, smells and mist to make you feel like you’re flying all over Canada!
• Vancouver Acquarium
The Vancouver Aquarium in Stanley Park is much more than a place to see sea otters, porpoises and belugas jumping baby. It’s a self-supporting and non-profit association. The Aquarium is dedicated to effecting the conservation of aquatic life through display and interpretation, education, research and direct action. It’s also the largest public aquarium in Canada!
• The Lookout at Harbour Centre
Climb 168.6 m above the ground for the amazing observation deck. You will be able to see a panoramic view of Gastown, Coal Harbour, Stanley Park and the most beautiful view of Vancouver, both day and night.
• Grouse Mountain
The famous mountain called Grouse Mountain is the peak more TOP Vancouver, which includes activities such as downhill skiing, skating pond ice, snowshoeing, zip line and simply enjoy the amazing views of the region Metro Vancouver entire top. Both in winter and in summer, of course, it is the best ride and you can see the bears who live on top and win the care of Canadian scientists.
• Capilano Suspension Bridge
As long as you are not afraid of height … Walk through the misty air, along the cliffs, and the Capilano River. The suspension bridge brings a refreshing view of the nature and challenges you as the height and beauty of so many shades of green. And do not forget to eat the famous “fudge” (looks like a candy bar milk, but with different flavors) and take the tasty hot chocolate Swiss!
• Stanley Park
There is so much to see and do in Stanley Park, it deserves a full day of sightseeing. Walk on the beach, ride a bike on the coast with the sea (almost 14km of breathtaking with so much beauty), with the Vancouver Aquarium, and after all this, when you’re too tired to think about the back have a snack in one of the restaurants in the park, watching the squirrels, ducks, geese and all the beautiful animals that live on that piece of green.
• Granville Island
Known as the public market of Vancouver, this place is a good stop to make those comprinhas special and TOP’s products, and is located on Granville Island that is loaded with other delightful places to explore: the Granville Island Brewery Co., Edibles and Sandbar (brewers and cheese) to name a few. These attractions are open year-round, rain or shine, hot or cold.
So, ready for this adventure? If you’re in Vancouver to study and work, I advise you to do these tours on weekends. Do not expect your routine start here, because then we get so engrossed in studies and work to forget all this beautiful green waiting for us … And of course there are the most beautiful sights to know … Explore B.C.! I promise to bring more adventurers posts like this …
Until next Friday!
Jana Mallagoli

Janaina Mallagoli
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