Vancouverites (Yes, this is how people who live in Vancouver city are called) are healthy nuts

in their majority. Smoothies and green juices, salad rolls and Collard Green Wrap are foods

that you can easily find when you walk in “healthy” stores in town.

I’ve never seen so many options to go for when

you’re in a rush and just want to grab a bite

without compromising your health. No excuses!!!

Don’t be surprised to find Juice Shops inside of

the train Station, or to see people walking around

drinking a green, purple, orange beverage.

On the other hand, as a nutritionist I can say people may get confused when it comes to

choosing the right beverage and snack. Perhaps you might think you’re getting a nourishing

smoothie, but in reality you’re planting a sugar bomb in your blood stream! Despite the fact

some people are blind to nutrition principles, a good nutritionist has X-ray eyes (just

breaking the ice…lol) powered to detect the unfriendly ingredients in foods from a long,

long distance. For instance, healthy shops use artificial juices as a base for their smoothies,

packed with lots of undesirable sugar that will just screw up with your plans to be healthy

and in shape. Don’t blow it!! But hold on, I’ve got you covered!!!

Have you ever considered adding a buck-fifty to replace artificial juice by coconut water?

For sure, it will not hurt your pocket as would do with your body. Coconut water is a great

alternative to artificial juices, containing way less sugar and some good electrolytes

including Magnesium and Potassium. Some might argue saying that it is still processed and

industrialized, but if you can opt between industrialized juice ,or coconut water, I’d say go

for coconut water. It is all about balance and making better choices.

When choosing smoothie or juice, some people get confused a lot. This is an interesting

topic to touch in this post I would like to give my two cents. Speaking in the language of

nutrition, both might be very good to you. It just depends on your needs at the moment. For

example, if you want to have a meal replacement, smoothie is a good option because it

contains fruits (fructose-carbohydrate) and good source of fat (chia, flax seeds). In addition,

you may want to add some source of protein (plant-based protein powder that consists of a

combination of plants and seeds or, milk derived such as whey). Boom!! You’ve got a good

meal replacement with all macronutrients (Protein + Fats + Carbs). To make good becomes

perfect , your smoothie is now full of fiber, which makes you feel fuller for a long time due

to blood sugar control. (Fibre slows down digestion and the release of glucose in your blood


In case you opt for juicing, opportunely you get rid of all fibre content of fruits or veggies,

which not necessarily is a bad thing. Again, it depends on your needs. As soon as you ingest

juice with a low rate of fibre, most vitamins and minerals are rapidly absorbed in your

blood stream. Vitamins and minerals work in your body cells as “helpers” (co-factors) in

the energy metabolism. The answer to live a happier life, have good mood, improve work

performance and achieve fitness goals depends on how macro nutrients (Protein + Fats +

Carbs) and micro nutrients (vitamins and minerals) are balanced in your lifestyle. As said

that, I recommend juicing first thing in the morning, preferably with more veggies than

fruits. Thus, you instantly boost your energy, putting aside that “old fashioned way” (black

coffee). Just a heads up!! Instead of providing energy, excessive coffee messes up with your

adrenal glands and cortisol, (but this is something you will get more information in another

post). I hope you all enjoyed today’s post about making better choices when experiencing a

healthy lifestyle in Vancouver city (or anywhere else in the world). Health has become a

trend, but there are plenty of confusing points that need to be clarified…and that’s why I’m

here for, oh yeah!!!

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Bianca Salles
Bianca SallesNutricionista Orthomolecular
Bianca Salles é nutricionista ortomolecular e reside em Vancouver há mais de 4 anos.