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Deciding to live in another country is a very important decision that involves personal details that depend only on you, but the entire immigration process can seem very complex, with legal and bureaucratic details that only a specialized company will be able to provide the necessary support and tranquility.

Canada offers many immigration processes and its systems are complex and constantly changing. Each with their requirements which may be different according to the request.

Starting the process with a specialized company authorized by the Canadian government, capable of studying each case and choosing the best strategy, can speed up the process and avoid a lot of headache.

It is important for the company to be assertive when listing all the important points to be considered in each process and transparent to leave the customer calm and aware of all stages of the process.

GoNorth is an Immigration and Visa consultancy and we understand the complexity and bureaucracy involved and we are authorized by the Canadian government to act as a representative in all visa and immigration processes, as we work with consultants regulated by the CICC (College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants).

We act as a facilitator as we optimize our customers’ time and money, making the whole experience much more profitable.

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