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Immigration consultancy for the USA

For you who are a qualified professional and have the desire to live and work in the USA legally, welcome to GoNorth!

Our commitment is to assist our clients in all stages of the immigration process, from planning to the application of temporary visas and permanent residence.

We have a highly qualified team of immigration consultants and lawyers who work closely with our clients to ensure that all important information is understood correctly and that they have the support they need to make the best decisions regarding their immigration process.


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1. Profile analysis

The first step to a successful immigration is to talk to a qualified professional, to understand about immigration processes and to be able to plan according to your profile.

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2. Documents

After selecting the best immigration strategy, it is time to work on organizing the necessary documents and, together with the consultant, set up a flawless process.

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3. Submission

This is the time to review all the documentation and submit it for approval, according to the chosen process.

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4. Passport Application

Once the process is approved, immigration will ask for your passport and you can finally start your new life in the USA.

We analyze your immigration chances and, together with you, devise the best strategy for your permanent arrival in the USA.



General Information

Ideal for you who want to clarify general questions for temporary visas

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Implementation strategies

Profile Analysis

Ideal if you know about the EB2-NIW and would like to get an assessment of your fit for this visa

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Conducted by a licensed lawyer in Brazil (OAB-PE 23.324)*
EB2-NIW overview
Assessment of eligibility
* do not constitute legal advice

* Although we have Brazilian-licensed attorneys on staff, we do not employ U.S. attorneys and therefore do not offer legal advice related to U.S. law. Therefore, any comments on your situation or your visa application, if any, do not constitute legal advice. If obtaining such an opinion is your intention, please seek legal counsel licensed in the United States or Canada, depending on your case.


EB2 Visa - NIW

The EB2 NIW is a green card application process based on the National Interest of the United States in having that person contribute to the U.S. labor market.

In order for the applicant to qualify for this visa, they must have:

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Postgraduate Diploma or equivalent

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Exceptional ability

To obtain an EB-2 visa, the foreign national needs a job offer and a labor certification approved by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Through Labor Certification, the sponsoring company makes a verification that there are no American workers in the market with the desired knowledge and experience. Therefore, through the EB-2 visa, the applicant cannot be the petitioner himself. The sponsoring company that petitions on your behalf and obtains the Work Certificate.

However, a foreign national who qualifies for an EB-2 visa may apply for a waiver of the job offer and Labor Certification if he or she proves that his or her professional skills will bring a great benefit to the United States. This EB-2 category is called the National Interest Waiver (EB-2 NIW).

Unlike regular EB-2, EB-2 NIW allows the foreign national to be the “petitioner” and file the application with Immigration without the need for employer involvement or a Labor Certification application. Foreign nationals seeking NIW request that the labor certification be waived because it is of interest to the United States. Thus, this visa modality allows the beneficiary and his/her dependents (spouse and children under the age of 21, provided they are not married) to establish permanent residence in the United States.

To find out more about your eligibility, contact GoNorth.


temporary visas

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