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Canada receives over 250,000 immigrants a year and you could be one of them!


The world is much bigger than our eyes can see!

Canada has more than 80 immigration processes and GoNorth can help you define the best path to realize your dream of living in the country.

We work from profile analysis to document submission, offering a personalized and agile service.

The immigration process is a very important step in anyone’s life and we at GoNorth understand that in every immigration process to Canada there is a person with dreams, hopes and expectations.

That’s why our consultants work carefully on your case, giving you all the support and support you need to get a positive response in your permanent residency process for Canada.

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1. Profile analysis

The first step towards successful immigration is talking to a licensed professional to understand the immigration processes and be able to plan a plan according to your profile.

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2. Documents

After selecting the best immigration strategy, it's time to work on organizing the necessary documents and, together with the consultant, putting together a flawless process.

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3. Submission

This is the time to review all the documentation and submit it for approval, according to the chosen process.

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4. Passport Application

Once the process is approved, immigration will ask for your passport and you can finally land and receive permanent residency. We analyze your immigration chances, create a report and, together with you, outline the best strategy for your final move to Canada.

know more about

Canada and its provinces

Canada is a beautiful country and each region has its own particularity.

So how do you choose where to live? The climate, job market and cost of living need to be taken into account before making this decision.

It is also important to remember that, the choice of province has to be made through in-depth knowledge of your profile to know if there are immigration processes that will benefit you and your family if you use a provincial process to immigrate.

Learn a little about the provinces and evaluate which option is best for you and your family.
Happy reading!

The province of Saskatchewan (SK) is located in west-central Canada. It has a total area of 651,900 km² with 10% of the territory covered by fresh water, including rivers, reservoirs and the province's 100,000 lakes.
Considered part of central Canada, Quebec is the largest province in Canada by area with 1,668 million km². The official language of Quebec is French and it is the only Canadian province where French is the 1st language for the majority of the population (78%). Anglophone (English speaking) communities and institutions are concentrated west of the island of Montreal.
Newfoundland e Labrador
The province of Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) lies in eastern Canada at the northeastern tip of the country, the Strait of Belle Isle separates the province into two geographical divisions: Labrador (a large area of the Canadian mainland) and Newfoundland, (an island in the Atlantic Ocean).
Prince Edward Island
PEI is one of Canada's maritime provinces located on the east coast of the country between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia on the Gulf of St. Lawrence. At 280 kilometers long, Prince Edward Island (PEI) is the smallest province in Canada, both in area and population (just over 156,000), but it is the most densely populated.
Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia (NS) is located in eastern Canada, is one of three Maritime Provinces and is bordered by the Bay of Fundy to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the south and east, and is separated from Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland Island by the Northumberland and Cabot Straits, respectively.
New Brunswick
New Brunswick (NB) the only officially bilingual (English and French) province in Canada. It is a coastal province with beautiful sandy beaches, rocky hills, spectacular valleys and historic architecture that can be found in many cities and towns.
With a diverse natural landscape, MB has magnificent forests, crystalline lakes, rugged desert and vast prairie fields (plain covered with low vegetation). Manitoba is located in Central Canada and North America.
Alberta it is located in western Canada, between BC and Saskatchewan with an area of 661,848 km² and is home to more than 4 million inhabitants. Much of the province's population is concentrated in Edmonton (capital) and Calgary (largest city)
British Columbia
British Columbia, home of GoNorth, is Canada's westernmost province, situated between the Pacific Ocean and the Continental Divide of the Rocky Mountains. With an estimated population of 5.2 million in 2021, it is the third most populous province in Canada.
Ontario (ON) the destination for most immigrants. ON is located in the eastcentral part of the country and is the most populous province in Canada, representing 38.3% of the entire population of the country and the secondlargest province considering its total area.

We analyze your immigration chances, create a report and, together with you, outline the best strategy for your final move to Canada.

Express Entry

Express Entry is Canada's most sought-after federal immigration system. We can assist you at every step, from opening your profile to receiving your application invitation. The System encompasses 3 immigration processes:

The Federal Skilled Worked (FSW), Canadian Experience Class (CEC), Federal Skilled Trades. (FST).

Provincial programs

What is the most suitable province for your profile? Each province has its own immigration process with specific characteristics and prerequisites, according to the needs of its market.


Have the rights and duties of a Canadian citizen! Canada welcomes thousands of immigrants every year and you could be one of them! Contact us and learn about the different immigration processes, as well as the opportunities for you to become a permanent resident in the country and stay one step closer to citizenship!



Visa Analysis

Ideal for you who want to come visit, study or work in Canada

/30 min
Português - English - Español
Financial evidence
Implementation strategies

Profile Analysis

Ideal for you who wish to immigrate to Canada through federal or provincial processes

/30 min
Português - English - Español
Simulation of points for Express Entry
Eligibility for immigration processes for up to 2 provinces of interest (PNPS)
Definition of strategy for immigration processes (PRI)
Strategy development if you need to come on a study and work visa
Assessment of eligibility for BWP

Profile Analysis with Report

Ideal for you who wish to immigrate to Canada through federal or provincial processes

/40 min
Português - English - Español
All Profile Analysis items +
Profile assessment for entrepreneurship in Canada (Start-up Visa, Provincials Entrepreneur Programs)
Occasional clarifications on filling in forms
Application review denied
Clarification of doubts regarding TEER

Technical Consultation

Ideal for you who want to apply alone for Express Entry and want to ask questions about filling out the profile and organizing the required documents.

/50 min
Português - English - Español
Technical meeting focused on completing Express Entry and organizing documents for permanent residence.
Clarification of doubts related to the completion of the profile
Organization of documents
Letters of professional experience
Life and travel history
Letter of intent

All consultations are conducted by licensed consultants.


Want to know more about which process best fits your profile and plans? Contact us!


Other services

Letter of intent consultation

Increase your chances of visa approval

With this service, you will receive all the guidance so that you can write the document in the best possible way, we make an appointment and on the scheduled day, each point of the letter will be discussed with one of our consultants, who will guide you on the adequacy of the content.

Profile opening

Exclusive Express Entry profile opening service

LMIA - Labor Market Impact Assessment

The best way for companies and professionals.

Through the LMIA process, a Canadian company can apply for authorization from the government to employ a foreign worker for a period of 1 to 2 years. Within the LMIA program there are different streams for companies to hire temporary foreign workers (TFWs) in order to meet their employment needs.

Invest in a company

Starting to invest in Canada. Opening your business in Canada is possible!

There are different paths to having a business in Canada, including Owner-operator LMIAs or Immigration by Investment. Our consultants are available to help you find the best approach in order to achieve the result you expect.

Sponsorship of family members bringing their parents, grandparents, children or spouse

To bring the ones you love to Canada

Family reunification is one of the main objectives of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. Our consultants will be happy to help you bring your parents and grandparents, children or spouse to Canada to live with you or to stay in Canada with you.

Caregiver • Caregivers caring for people

Bringing together those who need care with those who are qualified to care

Does anyone in your family need a caregiver? Perhaps a nanny for the kids or a caregiver for an elderly person or someone with special needs. Our consultants can help you protect that worker.

Programa de parcerias

Nos indique leads e juntos vamos tornar o Plano Canadá de seus clientes em realidade.

Partnership Program

Refer leads to us and together we will make your customers’ Canada Plan a reality.