A Year of Qualified Work in Canada: Canadian Experience Class

Canadian Experience Class is one of three federal immigration programs available through the Express Entry online application system. In this program, the main focus is selecting immigration candidates who have one or more years of qualified work experience within Canada. The requirements for this program are: – Have at least one year of work experience […]

IELTS – How does it work?

The language proficiency exam is one of the most important factors when it comes to studying, working or immigrating to Canada. But do you know what IELTS is and how it works? IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System and is one of the exams that prove proficiency in the English language. The exam […]

CELPIP – How does it work?

Like the IELTS Exam, CELPIP is one of the tests used in Canada to prove English proficiency. How to know which test to choose? Read the article below to find out. The Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program, or CELPIP, is one of the exams used to certify proficiency in the English language. It is […]

Learn How to Immigrate to Canada via the Federal Skilled Worker Program – FSW

This program is for qualified workers with foreign work experience who wish to permanently immigrate to Canada. It is a federal program and one of three programs managed by the Express Entry online application system.   Its minimum eligibility requirements are based on qualified professional experience (inside or outside Canada) and a proven language level […]

At the request of our clients, we have created new services at GoNorth!

To fulfill our customers’ requests, GoNorth is launching brand new services! For immigration purposes, we always recommend a Profile Analysis – a service in which our licensed consultant analyzes the possible immigration paths specifically with your profile, experience and case in mind. We now have four options for analysis: Complete Profile Analysis (Written report + […]

How did Canada gain the collaboration of its people in the midst of a pandemic?

Everyone wants to live stable and comfortable lives but it is in the midst of chaos that evolution actually happens. Delicate moments create the ideal scenarios to use strategy and creativity to achieve goals and increase public confidence and engagement. In this time of a pandemic Canada is utilizing several strategies to push society to […]

Could Canada be the new owner of the “American Dream”?

Brazil has always been influenced by American films, music and sports. It is common to have friends, family and acquaintances who visit Walt Disney theme parks or take pictures at Central Park. Many Brazilians even go a step further, to study or sometimes even stay indefinitely in Uncle Sam’s lands. However, due to the very […]