What is Express Entry?

Express Entry (EE) is the main federal immigration qualification system for Canada, whose classification is made, by points, according to skills and prerequisites, with the aim of selecting qualified professionals.

Points are counted using the CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) system, which takes into account factors such as: age, education level, proficiency in English and/or French and international professional experience.

The EE system encompasses 3 immigration processes:

Federal Skilled Worked (FSW)

Qualified professionals with occupations in specific NOC groups

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Qualified professionals who already have work experience abroad and wish to permanently immigrate to Canada with occupations in NOC 0, A or B groups

Federal Skilled Trades. (FST)

Qualified professional with a minimum of 1 year experience in Canada within the last 3 years prior to application.

Ranking for Express Entry

The first step is to register, creating a profile on the system. Qualification for the process is done through points and the ideal is to get as close to the maximum score, which is 1200 points. The minimum score may vary according to the average of candidates selected in the period drawing.

The maximum score for some requirements are:

– Age 100 points

– Education: 140 points

– English/French: 150 points

– International work experience: 50 points (if in Canada, 20 more points are added).

Being qualified and classified in the system, the person participates in a lottery that determines which candidate will receive the invitation (ITA – Invitation to Apply) to apply.

There are other criteria that can be added to your points, talk to GoNorth and learn about all the possibilities for your case. Schedule a profile analysis consultation with our accredited consultants


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