A Year of Qualified Work in Canada: Canadian Experience Class

Canadian Experience Class is one of three federal immigration programs available through the

Express Entry online application system. In this program, the main focus is selecting immigration candidates who have one or more years of qualified work experience within Canada.

The requirements for this program are:

  1. – Have at least one year of work experience in Canada within NOCs 0, A or B in the last 3 years before the application totalling 1,560 hours.

The experience must be in a full-time position or in equal proportion, 24 months part-time.

This work experience may have happened in more than one company and does not need to be continuous, but it must be proven.

The accepted job qualifications for the program are:

Managerial occupations (NOC 0)

Professional occupations (NOC A)

Technical or specialized occupations (NOC B)

See your occupation’s NOC here.

  • – This work experience must have been acquired legally and at the time of application, the candidate must have valid temporary status. The experience gained during “implied status” is eligible as long as the person continues to work in Canada under the same conditions indicated by their work permit. Self-employment does not count as eligible work experience. Work experience gained during college does not count towards the program, even if it is a coop.
  • – Achieving the minimum language proficiency score (English and / or French). For jobs in NOC 0 or A the minimum CLB score for applicant eligibility is 7. For NOC B the minimum is CLB 5. Remembering that the proficiency exam is valid for two years and must be valid at the time of application.

It is important to consider that there is no minimum academic requirement for the program nor a need to present previous experience (acquired in Brazil, for example). However, if the applicant includes proof of these two items, this will add more points to their profile. Additional points will help the candidate reach the Express Entry cutoff score and be invited to immigrate.

If you want to know whether you already qualify for the Canadian Experience Class program or other federal or provincial programs, contact us to schedule your profile analysis.


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