How did Canada gain the collaboration of its people in the midst of a pandemic?

Everyone wants to live stable and comfortable lives but it is in the midst of chaos that evolution actually happens. Delicate moments create the ideal scenarios to use strategy and creativity to achieve goals and increase public confidence and engagement.

In this time of a pandemic Canada is utilizing several strategies to push society to collaborate in reducing the contagion, support economic stability and even to foster growth in the face of an adverse period of time. You could say that through the applied strategies, society joined together collaboratively, thus, the positive results in public health and rapid economic recovery began to emerge. But how is this done? Through information, collaboration, empathy and technology.

Many of these initiatives took place not only in Canada, but also in Brazil and in various other countries. However, the purpose of this article and of GoNorth is to show what is being done here.

From the very beginning there has been information to the masses via the press, guidance on how to act, regular statements made by authorities and financial support from various initiatives: funds for those who have been been impacted in their jobs, funds for entrepreneurs, and rent subsidy programs. In order to protect the health of the people who were here the borders were closed. In addition, political attacks were avoided between parties, allowing the government to work in unity for the benefit of the population.

The Canadian government also did not stop immigration processes and for a long time, prioritized those who were already in the country. Inviting candidates with a provincial nomination and who had Canadian work experience to apply for permanent residency.

Driven by empathy, several solidarity initiatives were started. More food being offered (free and no questions asked) emerged in Canada for those who felt the need. Including more donations and more generosity towards others. Actions came not only from the government but from the population in general. At 7pm every day health workers are still being congratulated in some parts of Canada, being thanked for all their hard work.

People started bringing words of comfort on the internet, psychologists continued treating anxiety and depression (which increased a lot during this period), digital entertainment for leisure soared, people began to advertise companies on their private social networks, companies started to help companies and increase the strength in local commerce.

Other actions taken by the government included the use of events, such as Canada Day, to increase awareness and recognize the efforts made by the public. In addition, platforms were created for virtual celebrations such as the fireworks seen online.

Schools and universities developed online study tools, companies that were previously completely brix and mortar bet on the use of home offices and on a “by appointment” approach. Workshops, Webinars, Lives, Zoom Meetings etc … Technology has enabled the country to keep going and new digital solutions were proven to be worth the investment. Presence became virtual, but even more crucial than before.

Yes, Canada suffered (and still suffers) from unemployment and all the negative impacts of the pandemic but, it also ceased the opportunity to unite the population, helping everyone row in the same direction. A lot has changed and evolved here, making this is a positive path of no return.

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